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It's Time To: December

Summer is gardenia season! Pick their blooms to enjoy delicious scent indoors.

Watch out for scale and spray with eco-oil. Best to spray early in the evening to prevent leaves burning during the day.


Gardenia season!


Get a second crop of vegies in: cucumbers, beans, eggplants, sweet corn, tomatoes and zucchinis. Feed vegies regularly throughout the season with an organic liquid fertiliser to give them a quick boost of nutrients.

Keep a close eye on your vegies, especially leafy greens, for signs of chewed foliage. Caterpillars are prevalent at this time of year. Control with Dipel.

Mow high and often to encourage healthy lawn growth. Mulch clippings and feed with a lawn fertiliser.

Make every drop count! Use buckets to collect shower and bath water. Do not apply to edibles though, only use to water the lawn and ornamental plants.

If you’re going away, even just for a few days, arrange for a friend or neighbour to help water. Extreme temperatures can easily ruin the garden, so ask for assistance or consider installing an automated irrigation system.

It’s a good time to take semi-hardwood cuttings. Azaleas, daphnes and camellias are ideal candidates.

Brown patches in lawns are usually a sign of the dreaded curl grub, the larvae of the African black beetle. If not treated, they can also spread to garden beds and pots. Control in lawns and ornamental beds with eco-neem.

Try an alternate Christmas tree this year: woolly bush (Adenanthos sericeus), lilly pilly or the prehistoric Wollemi pine. Plant them out in the garden once the festivities finish.


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Author: Tammy Huynh