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It's time to: February


Water trees and shrubs at the drip line not at the trunk: it is the feeder roots around the drip line that take up water and nutrients.


Remove clumps of paspalum, summer grass, dandelion and thistle before they ses seed. Remove just below ground level with a sharp knife or dandelion knife.


Trim roses to bring on an autumn flush. Feed with rose fertiliser and spray fortnightly to control black spot. Remove any leaves infected with black spot and throw them in the bin.


Water mango and avocado trees while the fruit is ripening.


Feed apples, pears and stone fruit with blood and bone and cow manure spread out to the drip line of the trees.


Tidy hydrangea heads as they finish or allow them to age into pink and magenta tones through autumn.


Preserve chilli and tomato harvests by making chilli jams and relishes.


Place indoor plants into the bath when you go on holidays. Leave some water in the tub to create some humidity around the plants.  

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Author: Linda Ross