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It's time to: February

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PLANTS susceptible to sunburn can be sprayed with Yates Stressguard Anti-transpirant which is a clear polymer that reduces water lost through leaves by 50 per cent.

SET the mower blades high: exposing the roots and soil will burn the base and allow weeds to infiltrate the lawn.

NO shade? Think about an appropriate shade tree, shade sail or umbrella.

KEEP shallow-rooted plants such as camellias, citrus, rhododendrons and azaleas watered.



CAMELLIAS can be disbudded now; this will prevent overcrowding in autumn. Spray with a copper spray to reduce the chance balling (buds not opening properly) next flowering season.

ANNUALS that flower throughout autumn can still be planted. Try pansies, zinnia, phlox and nemesia.



HYDRANGEAS can be pruned after flowering or left alone to develop autumn tones.

TAKE cuttings of geraniums.

PLANT groundcovers to reduce evaporation from the soil, and prevent weed growth. Don’t leave bare patches of soil in the garden.


Subtropical/ Tropical

USE liquid feed during monsoonal weather rather than fertiliser pellets that can be washed away by the torrents .

POINTSETTIAS can be tip-pruned to encourage them to bush up and provide more flowers next season.


When you have 15 mins

Feed citrus with small amounts every month to facilitate good fruit growth. Scratch around lightly at the soil under citrus to help cover the fertiliser and break up the soil crust to allow water in. 

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Author: Linda Ross