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It's time to: February


Plan a sensational spring bulb display with the help of a mail order catalogue, and prepare the soil for planting by digging in some compost and fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter.

Try purple carrots this year, which have 28 times more antioxidants than regular orange carrots. Purple Dragon is the most popular heirloom variety, available from, or Sow seed thinly into a narrow trench and cover with fine soil and firm down gently. Water with a fine spray. Seedlings will appear in 15-20 days. Thin as necessary.

Find the perfect spot for a birdbath to help attract interesting birds to the garden. Birdbaths should be placed in the open, with an overhanging branch nearby so the birds can ‘check out the scene’ before heading safely for the water. Keep water clean, and topped up.


Tidy up houseplants – remove spent flowers and dead, diseased or dying leaves, and wipe dust off large, shiny leaves. Water pots with some Eco-hydrate or Wettasoil to prevent dry patches in the potting mix, or dunk small containers into a bucket of water until the bubbling stops. A spell outside in the rain will help reinvigorate them too, but don’t leave them in the sun when the rain stops.


Trim the roses – remove dead flowers, cutting back to a bud. Give them a feed (Sudden Impact for Roses is a good choice), and stand back for the autumn show!


Give citrus trees a boost with a dressing of citrus food, such as Dynamic Lifter for Citrus.




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Author: Libby Cameron