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It's Time To: February

Prune spent lavender flowers now. Photo - avs /



Pink Belladonna Lilies on dark stems send light fragrance into the air.

Ligularia shines with spires of yellow flowers atop jagged green leaves.

See if you can spot the tubular white-tipped red flowers of Epacris on morning walks near the bush.


Tidy up Geraniums and pot up those prunings.

Clear up spent summer annuals.

Keep deadheading your roses to encourage more autumn blooms.

Prune spent Lavender flowers and take the foliage back by one third to prevent woodiness down below.


Start thinking about what spring-flowering bulbs you might like as it’ll be time to place your order soon.

Watch out

Fungal diseases thrive in high humidity so check the foliage of your Begonias and Fuchsias in particular for powdery mildew, and treat with a fungicide.Watering the soil rather than splashing the leaves will also help.Keep an eye on your lawn too for brown spots or patches.


Seeds germinate readily in warm humid conditions so if you haven’t had much luck before, try it now with Pansies, Wallflower or Stock.If you’re growing potted standards, sprinkle some Alyssum seeds around the base to create inexpensive yet pretty living mulch.


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Author: Robin Powell