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It's time to: January


Prune agapanthus flower heads to prevent seeding through the garden and bush.

Prune lavender into globes and dry flowers to use in potpourri.

If leaves get sunburned, don’t prune them off. The scorched leaves will protect those beneath from further scorch on the next blasting hot day. The plant may find it hard to recuperate from two burns.


Sow seeds of next winter’s vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflowers and lettuce, into seedling trays. Keep in a shaded spot.


Feed hungry hibiscus, passionfruit, dipladenia and tomatoes with a fertiliser high in potassium.

Feed palms, ferns and salad greens with seaweed, worm juice or fish emulsion.


Check nursery catalogues and order bulbs and perennials to plant out in autumn. The earlier you make you decision the more likely your favourites wont be sold out!


Stake dahlias as they grow.


To pick hydrangeas that last, first water the plants well. Then cut and dunk the mop top flowers into a sink of cool water. Drip dry, then crush the end of the stem and arrange in a vase.

Take care

Be vigilant against rust on frangipani, canna and fuchsia. Spray with Eco-fungicide, and bin any fallen infected leaves.

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Author: Linda Ross