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It's time to: June


Plant spring annuals in coastal areas. Look for bargains at the local nursery.

Plant rhubarb, leek and spinach.

Last chance for tulips! Bargains may be bagged but make sure bulbs are not inferior quality. Refuse any with black spots or mould.


Prune hydrangeas back by one third to a double shoot bud.

Cut back autumn-flowering perennials such as Easter daisies (asters), chrysanthemum, canna lilies and ginger lilies.

Prune camellia sasanqua after flowering. Hedge trimmers are perfect for this task. 


Fix water retention problems in the soil. Add gypsum and well-rotted animal manures then cover with compost. 

Dahlias in well-drained soil can be left in the ground. Otherwise tubers should be lifted once the foliage has yellowed and died down so they don’t rot. Store tubers in a box of dry sand until late spring.


Order catalogues from Diggers, Lambley, Green Harvest and Green Patch Organic Seeds for great winter reading and planning.

Refresh the shed – clean and sharpen tools, pump up the wheelbarrow tyres.


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Author: Linda Ross