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It's time to: March


Autumn’s delicate bulbs, such as golden lycoris, pink or white belladonna lilies and storm lilies (autumn crocus, Zephyranthes) are reliable friends in the garden.


Green up

Spread fertiliser evenly over the lawn for a green boost through autumn.



Pot up a container of spring-flowering tulips, or, for a longer display, combine Dutch iris and freesias.

Have you discovered the ‘Mystic’ dwarf dahlias with dark plum-coloured leaves? We love them planted up with dwarf salvias.

Plant punnets of winter-flowering annuals for colour in the cool season. In dappled shade try cineraria, pansy and viola; in full sun go for poppies; and in pots choose polyanthus. Go to page 52 for more on growing these treasures.



Treat the entire garden to a topping of organic fertiliser to revitalise soil and add essential elements and good bacteria.



Love-in-a-mist, foxglove, petunia and paper daisy and spring flowers easily grown from seed sown in situ now.



Trim geranium and pelargonium by cutting stems back by one-third.



Offer support to taller growing dahlias.



Break up clay soils by adding gypsum and clay breaker to hard clay areas. Additional cow manure will help attract worms to do some of the hard work and speed the process.


Last chance

Dig and divide clumps of tall bearded iris. This will revitalise them and encourage more flowers. Plant with rhizome on top of soil.


Text: Linda Ross

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