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It's time to: November


Bushfire-red Illawarra flame trees (Brachychiton acerifolius) are all aglow. Get all-over flowering by feeding with native fertiliser. Look out for the new grafted versions of its sister tree the Kurrajong, Brachychiton 'Bella Pink' and 'Griffith Pink’.


The blazing Illawarra Flame Tree, Brachychiton acerifolius, with the Jacaranda in the background


The heat is coming. This month’s hot dry weather can cause your plants heat stress. If you’re worried spray the leaves with StressGuard.


Wisteria can be severely cut back after flowering.

Lightly prune lavender to encourage more flowers for summer.

Roses that flower just once in spring, such as old-fashioned climbing varieties and banksia roses, flower on last season’s growth, so the sooner you cut them back the longer they have to develop next year’s flowering wood.


Keep the roses deadheaded, and you’ll be picking many more fresh blooms for bouquets and bunches.


Avoid planting big trees and shrubs at this time; the dry weather makes it more difficult to get them well established.


Zucchini and pumpkins can be afflicted by powdery mildew. Spray with Eco-fungicide.


Nurture tomatoes as they start to flower with liquid fertiliser or homemade comfrey fertiliser.

Last chance

Plant dahlias and petunias for Christmas colour.

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Author: Linda Ross