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It's time to: November

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Review your fruit fly control measures

Check the irrigation system before the hot dry weather begins.

If banksia or grevilleas leaf tips are yellowing, boost iron levels with 10g of iron sulfate in a 10L watering can. 



Look out for coddling moth grubs on apples. Remove any damaged fruit.

Fertilise berries and make sure they are well mulched.



Clear out gutters and drains in preparation for summer rains.

Fill gaps in the garden so that new pants are established before the heat sets in.



Mulch pots with peastraw to retain moisture.

Prune hibiscus and propagate from the cuttings.

Plant costus, palms and gingers in humus-enriched soil, and watch them grow – fast!



Wet season vegetables, such as okra, snake beans, chilli, capsicum and eggplant can be sown now.

Apply thick mulch to prevent weed infestation.

Plant yellow cherry tomatoes in pots for disease-free fruit during the wet.


When you have 10 minutes

Lift bulbs.Let bulb foliage die back as the bulb needs the energy stored for its next growing phase. Then dig them up, first carefully loosening the soil with a fork, then pulling them out by their stems. Clear excess soil off the bulbs and store them in a breathable bag in a cool place away from direct light. 

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Author: Ally Jackson