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It's time to: October


Restore tired pot plants. Either remove any potting mix you can and replace with fresh mix, or repot into a fresh, slightly larger container with all new potting medium. Water the plant thoroughly with seaweed solution to help overcome transplant shock.


Prune climbers that have long trailing stems to maintain control and to keep them growing where you want them. Passionfruit will benefit from thinning out to allow the sun in.

Deadhead roses and other spring bloomers regularly to keep them looking cheerful and to encourage more buds.


Feed annual veggies and flowers with liquid fertiliser and seaweed solution fortnightly. This will keep them strong and maintain growth - they will look and taste fabulous!


Create supports for climbing vegetables. They will grow faster and take up less room if they have a sturdy frame to hang on to. Get creative with old ladders, make teepees of bamboo stakes, or simply use lattice, wire, or star pickets depending on the vigour and eventual height of the plants.


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Author: Libby Cameron