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It's time to: September


Feed garden beds with an organic fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter and apply a layer of cow manure or compost. Water it all in well.

Feed and water gardenias well. If old leaves are yellowing, water the soil with one tablespoon of Epsom salts in a watering can. For yellowing young leaves apply iron chelates or sulphate of iron.

Apply liquid fertiliser to bulbs as they finish flowering.


Prune spring-flowering shrubs, including native plants, as soon as they finish their spring show.

Prune hibiscus, oleanders and poinsettias before they start to put on spring growth. 


Look after the lawn – aerate and feed, dig out weed infestations, particularly bindii, and then top dress any uneven areas.


Protect stone fruits by hanging fruit fly lures nearby.

Control scale and leaf miner on citrus trees by spraying with Eco Oil regularly. At this time of year Eco Oil is also effective against young bronze orange bugs.


Separate suckers from bromeliads and pot up to create new plants.



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Author: Linda Ross