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It's time to: September

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Grab some inspiration and delight from open gardens in your area. Visit for a complete listing.

Be dependable in watering citrus in bloom, then feed after flowering.


Prune frost-damaged plants once the risk of further frosts has passed. Cut back to active, growing wood.


With the first hint of warmth, fertilise to increase the rate of plant growth.

Let bulbs die down of their own accord. They need the energy from the leaves for next year’s blooms so don’t cut them back.

Boost roses with a dose of Epsom salts. Water in 2 tsp per established plant. The released magnesium increases their growing energy.


Plant the tops of pineapples in a sunny spot and wait patiently for 2 years for your first crop.

Spray hibiscus with white oil to control harlequin bugs.


Get on top of growth by pruning or training and don’t let the weeds get out of control.

Add mulch to retain moisture and clear gutters in preparation for the wet season.


When you have 1 hour

Rejuvenate the lawn! Aerate and relieve compaction by driving a fork into the lawn. Reseed or patch any worn spots. Apply a complete, slow-release fertiliser, preferably after rain when the soil is moist. Mow to encourage growth but don’t cut too close to the soil as this leads to weedy lawns. Set the blade height to 2.5-3.5cm and make sure the blades are sharp.

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Author: Ally Jackson