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It's time to: September

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REMOVE bindii by hand this month. Aerate, top dress and feed the lawn. Mow weeds before they set seed. Compost all clippings with some blood and bone or Dynamic Lifter.

WATCH for the 28-spotted ladybeetle on potato crops. These insects can skeletonise leaves overnight. Pick off and destroy.

HAMMER in tomato stakes as soon as seedlings go in. Try growing tomatoes on a long tepee tunnel, 2.5m high with stakes at 1m intervals.


PROTECT plant supports and structures against early spring winds by securing them with a star picket and rope.

ENJOY the clusters of fragrant pink flowers on Rhodolatia amoena, a dense shrub perfect for gardens in Sydney and Perth. Prune after flowering.

HANG UP fruit fly lures now.



COLDING MOTH peaks in October: hang lures up now.

REJUVENATE the lemon tree with a hard prune. Cut back thin and dead branches. Cut back branches that are crossing over. Cut back all other branches to a height you can reach. Remove grass from around trunk and feed well.



PRUNE heat-loving shrubs such as hibiscus and poinsettia to shape and invigorate the plant. Remove diseased wood, then cut back one-third of the bush, cutting just above a node at a 45-degree angle.



CONTINUE watering and feeding plants to ensure vigorous growth.

FEED fruit trees now.

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Author: Linda Ross