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Meet: Jodie McGregor, florist

Photo - Libby Cameron

Did you have an early love of flowers?

I loved helping my Nan and Pop grow Mr Lincoln roses and hellebores in their suburban garden when I was a 5-year-old.


What’s your favourite flower this week?

Beautiful garden roses! I just love opening a box filled with amazing roses from my great friend Paula at B&B Roses - so many different colours, varieties and sizes. I'm just blown away by how clever nature is!


And what about foliage?

I love the wonderful fiddle leaf fig. I also love bromeliads and succulents - so many varieties and so many different ways to use them in the garden and as cut flowers.

Bromeliads. Photo - Ratana21/


What’s growing at home?

Nothing right now as we have just moved into a house where we'll be able to create a wonderful garden. We have an amazing frangipani and vibrant bouganvillea and we'll build from there, and include a cheeky little vegie patch. I'm hoping it will be more whimsical and rambling rather than structured and orderly. But it could end up as anything!


Any wise words for our readers about buying flowers?

Choose what you love, not what's the flavour of the month. Carnations get a really bad wrap and peonies are absolutely adored yet they can both give a similar look when tightly grouped. And go with what's in season - it's the same rule as for fruit and vegetables.


Jodie’s flowers are available at Jodie McGregor Flowers, 123 Johnston St, Annandale, and 23/100 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag, and online at

Text: Libby Cameron

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