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Meet: Liz Gledhill, owner of Waverley Nursery and Garden Design

Photo - Liz Gledhill

How long has gardening been part of your life?

I have been growing plants since I was a child and have had a lifelong love affair with gardening.My first success was with sunflowers, a great way to get any child intrigued as the results are so quick and impressive! I remember growing vegies too, but the thing that really fuelled my ongoing romance with plants was perfume. I think it was Jasminum multiflora, and I am still in love with it and other perfumed plants.


Let’s talk favourites: tool? 

My favourite implement is my long-handled spade. It has a lovely narrow blade which slides into the soil easily and the long handle gives me plenty of leverage for planting and digging.


And a fertilizer?

My best fertilizer is organic. It’s easy on the worms and enriching for the soil. I always go organic.


What about plants?

I love growing tough shrubs which give the garden good form and I especially seek out the wonderful garden treasures that don't have much pot appeal but are brilliant in the garden. Phlomis is a good example. Phlomis lanata is particularly good, as is Teucrium azurea, and many salvias, to name just a few.


Do you have some advice for gardeners?

Good gardens are like slow food, they take love and time and care and sometimes a bit of help but they are worth the wait. Better than a takeaway any day.


Waverley Nursery is at 314 Matcham Rd, Matcham. It is open most weekends, 10am – 5pm. Call 0403 592 329 to confirm. Email for a catalogue.

Text: Libby Cameron

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