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The List: Our top 6 bush blues

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


1. Swan River daisy,Brachsycome microcarpa ‘Clarence Coast Gem’

There are various forms of these little daisies and most flower most of the year. Nola says they are a ‘must-have’. They perform best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. The more they are pruned, the more compact and better flowering they become.

2. Fairy fan flower Scaevola albida

All the blue forms of this are lovely, says Nola, and they flower for 6-8 months. The large-flowering forms prefer full sun, but the smaller flowering forms will tolerate some shade. It quickly fills gaps in the garden. Simply prune to remove older foliage and stimulate new growth and feed with slow-release plant food.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones

3. Dampiera‘Glasshouse Glory’

Everyone should grow this plant ,says Nola, for its masses of purple flowers for almost all the year. It suckers, and grows in sun or light shade to about 50cm with the flowers held above the foliage. Cut off spent flower heads and prune back foliage to promote more compact growth.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


4. Lechenaultia biloba

This is the most stunning blue flower under the sun, says Nola, and if you don’t have the good drainage, full sun conditions it likes in the garden, grow it in a pot. The masses of cobalt blue flowers appear in spring.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


5. Wahlembergia stricta ‘Blue Mist’

Vivid blue double flowers are held on stems above the fine green foliage of this lightly suckering ground cover. It provides wonderful colour from late spring all the way into autumn. It will die down in cooler areas and re-merge in spring.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


6. Dianella careulea  ‘Little Russ’

All forms of dianella are useful in the garden for their tufty, grass-like form and the fact that they will grow where there is root competition. This one is good in lightly shaded areas and has purple flowers in spring, followed by blue berries. 

Photo - Jocelyn Jones

Text: Nola Parry

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