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The List: Our top 6 bush pinks

Photo - Jocelyn Jones 

1. Boronia crenulata  ‘Pink passion’

This is a small rounded shrub with masses of lolly-pink flowers for 4-5 months from late winter into spring. It’s a great choice for adding highlights to shaded areas. It likes good drainage, a mulch to keep roots cool and a light prune after flowering.

2. Bush pearl kangaroo paw, Anigozanthos ‘Bush Pearl’

It’s hard to beat this for flowers, says Nola, as it will flower for 9-10 months of the year. Grow it in full sun with good drainage, but don’t let it dry out. Trim spent flowers to encourage new buds. Feed regularly with slow-release fertiliser for natives.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones 


3. Crowea exalata ‘Southern Stars’

Everyone needs one of these insists Nola, because they are long-flowering and grow in shade. Choose a lightly shaded position with good drainage and mulch to keep roots cool. The plant gets to 75cm and the blooming branches can be cut for the vase.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones 


4. Pink paper daisy, Rhodanthe manglesii

The annual form of the paper daisy gives a swathe of pink flowers through the garden bed for three months. Sow seed direct or raise seedlings in seed trays and plant into full sun. Pick flowers frequently to stimulate further growth. Feed young plants with liquid fertiliser.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones 


5. Fairy fan flower, Scaevola albida ‘Pink Ribbon’

Best in full sun, these low-growing (to 25cm) plants flower through late spring, on through summer into autumn. As well as in cottage garden style plantings, they are lovely in containers or hanging baskets. Trim to shape whenever required and feed with slow-release native fertiliser.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones

6. Grevillea ‘Pink midget’

This low-growing grevillea, to just 60cm, flowers almost all year. In sun it flowers more profusely and grows more compact than in light shade, where it takes a more open habit. Trim to shape regularly.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones
Text: Nola Parry 

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