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The best fuchsias


Description: Beautiful double white flowers show well against lovely green foliage.

Size: Approx. 2m.

Special Comments: Longer and taller growth than most other varieties, allows training. 


Photo - Matthew Carroll

Beacon Rosa

Description: Bushy variety with beautiful soft pink flowers.

Size: Smaller grower to approx. 50cm

Special Comments: Other bushy varieties to try include Jack Stanway; Margaret Pilkington; Deep Purple. Most of the pot varieties grow well in ground as well.


Photo - Matthew Carroll



Description: Beautiful scarlet corrola and white sepals.

Size: Medium grower to approx. 1m.

Special Comments: Can also be made into a taller standard or trained as an espalier.


Photo - Matthew Carroll


Tara Nicole

Description: Rose sepals, corrola white veined with red.

Size: Medium grower to approx. 1m in height in the ground - smaller in hanging basket

Special Comments: Other trailing varieties to try in a hanging basket include Postiljon and Deep Purple


Photo - Matthew Carroll

La Campanella

Description: free-flowering, flowers are semi-double with white sepals touched with pink and a deep, foliage is mid-green and hear-shaped purple corolla.

Size: Smaller grower to 50cm

Special Comments: Beautiful fuchsia once established.


Photo - Matthew Carroll

Harbour Bridge

Description: Double flowers with pale rose sepals tipped green and lavender blue corolla.

Size: To approx 1m

Special Comments: The growth is strong and upright on this variety.


Photo - GAP Photos


Text: Matthew Carroll


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