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Paper Daisies: Annuals

Rhodanthe manglesii. Photo - J Jones

What: Try Rhodanthe chlorocephala ‘Rosy Everlasting’; Rhodanthe manglesii ‘Mangles Everlasting’ or ‘Silver Bells’,

How: Sow annual paper daisies from seed in May. Direct seeding gives you the opportunity to create drifts or ribbons of colour through the garden. You will get the best results by laying down a seedbed of washed river sand mixed with well-rotted compost. Sow 3gms of seed per square metre. Keep the soil moist until germination occurs a week after sowing. Use snail bait to protect emerging seedlings. They will grow slowly though winter, develop a strong root system and flower prolifically in spring. When plants reach 10-15cm apply a general purpose liquid fertiliser, at three-weekly intervals.

When: Flowers pop from September through to November.

How big: These grow to 50cm and last for 6 weeks.

Where: Heat is no problem, and neither is dry, but don’t let their roots stay soggy.

What else: Plan a trip to Western Australia to see carpets of these native daisies kilometres wide, pop into King's Park, Perth or The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan. 


Text: Linda Ross

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