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Tiger Grass, Thysanolaenia maxima

Tiger grass seen at Eden Gardens. Photo - Linda Ross

Tiger Grass

Thysanolaenia maxima

Description:tiger grass is an ornamental grass with arrow-shaped foliage. It grows in tight clumps, and is ideal as a dense hedge, or a feature pot plant. The older stems turn red if planted in full sun, but the plant does just as well in part-shade.

Size: clumps to 3m high

Cultivation: grow tiger grass in well-drained, average soil and water well until established. It is ideal in humid tropical areas, and quite drought tolerant once established. Apply fertiliser with high nitrogen, such as a lawn food, to hasten growth, and cut back every 3-4 years to refresh.

Special comments: tiger grass is an excellent alternative to bamboo and doesn’t drop leaves in dry weather.It is a good choice for tight areas around a swimming pool, but not in dry, windy areas.


Text: Libby Cameron

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