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Weeping wattles, Acacia baileyana

Photo - Linda Ross

Acacia baileyana ‘Goldilocks’

Description: this grafted, weeping Cootamundra wattle is a prostrate form of the iconic Aussie plant. It produces a mass of primrose-yellow flowers in winter and spring and makes a spectacular feature plant for native or formal gardens.

Size: hardy and fast growing to 1.5m, these have a longer life span than many wattles.

Cultivation: thrives in cool - temperate climates. Lightly prune after flowering, as you would a weeping prunus. Fertilise with any good native plant fertiliser, avoiding phosphorus. Not prone to pest or disease. They are fine in frost and are low water users.

Special comments: this form does not produce viable seed so does not pose a risk as an environmental weed. 


Text: Ally Jackson

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