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Flowering Gum 'Baby Orange'


Photo: Linda Ross

Baby Orange

Named cultivars also include Orange Splendour, Brilliant Orange and Dwarf Orange

Description: smaller than most grafted flowering gums, this gorgeous tree flowers all summer long with huge heads of bright orange blossom, followed by showy gum nuts, and a repeat flowering in autumn. Because it is grafted, it will grow in most soil types and in coastal climates.

Size: 3m high x 3m wide.

Cultivation: plant ‘Baby Orange’ in well-drained soil, or in a potting mix formulated for native plants, in full sun or light shade. It needs protection from frost. Water regularly until established, and apply a fertiliser in spring.

Special Comments: prune lightly after flowering to maintain a shrub-like appearance, take all the finished flowers off before the plant wastes energy on gum nuts. Ideal for a courtyard, and for container planting.



A mass of colour strikes at Christmas time. Photo: Linda Ross

Text: Libby Cameron

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Author: Linda Ross