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Rose Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee. Photo - Treloar Roses

There’s no need to go rose-free in winter. ‘Lorraine Lee’, bred by Australian rose breeder, Alister Clark in 1924, takes this moment to shine, blooming profusely until early spring. 

Prune it then and it will start flowering again in early November. ‘Lorraine Lee’ can grow into a large 2m x 2m bush with dark glossy leaves. Watch out for the sharp thorns, and keep it well away from driveways and paths. The pink-apricot flowers begin as long, pointed elegant buds and open to a cupped bloom, with a superb fragrance. Regular removal of spent blooms will ensure this rose is almost constantly in flower. A climbing version of ‘Lorraine Lee’ is also available, but it needs plenty of room as it’s healthy and vigorous. Give both versions a light trim in March and a proper prune when flowering slows in early spring.

'Lorraine Lee' available from Treloar Roses

Text: Linda Ross


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Author: Linda Ross