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Tree Waratah, Alloxylon flammeum

Photo - Libby Cameron

Tree waratah, Alloxylon flammeum 

Description: this evergreen rainforest tree looks sensational in spring, when it is covered with a mass of red blooms that look like waratahs. The bright heads of flowers are like a beacon for honeyeaters. It grows naturally on the edge of rainforests where there is plenty of moisture and light. Grow it in warm microclimates as far south as Sydney.

Size: 10m in a garden situation.

Cultivation: plant in well-drained soil enriched with plenty of organic matter. Water regularly in dry times.

Special comments: it takes about seven years to flower if grown from seed; and like all members of the Proteaceae family, it is sensitive to phosphorus; use fertiliser formulated for natives.


Text: Libby Cameron

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Author: Libby Cameron