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Postcard from the garden world

Wisteria smiles

As we travelled on the bullet train to our most remote garden in Japan we admired wild wisteria growing over pine trees in the valleys. Then, in the garden, we walked beneath veils of blom, an ethereal living lace curtain embroidered with hundreds of lilac pea-shaped petals. The smile says it all - it was an unforgettable experience.

Linda Ross




Coming soon

It’s gorgeous in spring, but what is Stonefields like in autumn? I’m keen to find out and am looking forward to Autumn in Victoria, a new itinerary launching next March. We’ll see old favourites dressed for autumn and catch gardens designed to be at their peak at this time of year, including one by RGTI leader, tv star and garden designer, Michael McCoy. And because a tour of Victoria is never complete without lunch with Annie Smithers, we’ll do that too.

Robin Powell





On reflection

This lovely reflective pool was a delightful modern twist at the far end of Kifsgate Court Gardens at Chipping Camden, on our England tour. The shiny metallic leaves gently trickled water as if it had been raining. We took advantage of the reflections with lots of arty individual photos, then some of us assembled for a silly group shot. The ensuing happy mood stayed with us for the rest of the tour!

Libby Cameron




Floral fun

For one weekend in spring Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is smothered in flowers. We were impressed by this flower carpet, carefully installed along the main street and loved the parade of flower-filled floats and costumed supporters. Add street music and dance and you have an exhilarating experience!

Sandra Ross




MIFGS winners

My group of travellers from Brisbane spent a wonderful day at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show oohing and ahhing at the stunning floral displays and the garden design installations. A favourite was 'Dreaming' by Christian Jenkins, whose garden was all about serenity. Behind the lagoon a leaf-shaped deck was shaded by a leaf-shaped pergola. The Australian plants were complemented by a concrete egg sculpture, painted by indigeous artist Renee Kulitja.

Claire Bickle




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