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Potted: Cyclamen

Photo - Linda Ross

Cyclamen are perfect Mother’s Day gifts, and here’s how to get them to flower again the second year. Choose a light position, with not too much direct sunlight. A south-facing windowsill is ideal, but move it into the room on frosty nights. Cyclamen don’t like being near heaters and will last longest in a cool position. Always wait until the potting mix feels dry before watering, getting to the plant just before it wilts. Allow the water to drain away completely. If possible, avoid splashing the centre of the plant with water. Feed with a liquid food for potted plants every fortnight. Remove dead flowers or leaves by giving their stems a sharp tug. Cyclamen go into hibernation during late spring/ summer. Tip them on their sides under a shady tree and don’t water them. They’ll wake up in autumn, and should be potted into fresh potting mix and watered regularly once more.


Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross