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Potted: Cyclamen

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A cyclamen is one of loveliest cool climate pot plants, yet many people find them hard to grow. Position is the key– out of direct sun in a light situation, well away from artificial heating. If the only choice is near a heater, place the pot out in the cold overnight as a break from the drying heat. Remove old blooms by twisting the stem from the base. Water from the top, without wetting the leaves and allow the pot to dry out before watering thoroughly. Underwatering is safer than watering too often. Apply liquid fertiliser, such as Thrive Flower and Fruit, once a fortnight to keep new buds forming. When flowering finishes in spring, some clever gardeners like to place the pot in the garden and coax it to reflower in autumn, but most find it easier to buy a new one each year.

Text: Libby Cameron

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Author: Libby Cameron