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Potted: Freshen up houseplants

Photo - Linda Ross

Linda turns her garden inside out!

It's time to check potted houseplants for some much needed revival. They are beautiful additions to any indoor space, contributing to the health of our inside environments. It's called biophilia - the happiness of surrounding yourself with green living things!

Watch out: Repot those that have been in the same potting mix for two years or more. Wipe leaves with a solution of milk and water to remove dust and grime. Take all pot plants outside during gentle rain - they prefer rainwater over tap water any day!  Just make sure they don't burn in the extra light.

Slow watering to monthly during cooler weather. Houseplants bring energy and oxygen indoors, and also capture the volatile organic compounds that emanate from carpet, wall paint and furnishings and store them in roots and soil. 

Our favourites: Giant Streilitzia, Streilitzia nicolii for impact; Spathyphyllum ‘Sensation’ for flower; Dracena for texture; Kentia palms or Raphis palmsfor that Raffles feeling; and cast iron plant (Aspidistra) just because it’s so awesomely old fashioned! In hanging baskets go for Mistletoe Cactus (Ripsalis) and Devil's Ivy.

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Author: Linda Ross