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Potted: Gardenia 'Florida'

Photo - Jonelle Weaver/


Glossy green leaves provide the perfect backdrop to fragrant white flowers. Shrubs get to 1x1m and make suitable hedges and potted features for balconies with morning sun. Or choose two sentinel lollipop standards either side of the front door. Spray regularly with Eco Oil to prevent scale and feed regularly with azalea food.


Watch out for...

Gardenia Bee Hawkmoth Caterpillar (Cephonodes kingii) What is it?
This wonderful striped caterpillar is munching through Sydney's gardenia plants. Be on the look out!

This is a Gardenia Bee Hawkmoth Caterpillar. Adults are diurnal moths that resemble bumble bees. Continue to feed the caterpillar. When it is ready, it will form a naked pupa underground.
They can be seen as either caterpillars or adult moths. This species lays its eggs on Gardenia spp., in particular Gardenia augusta varieties which grow to around a meter in height with compact leaves - although this year they have been also common on Gardenias grown as standards. They have also been recorded on Lemon, Native gardenia and Scented Gardenia Bush.


Text: Linda Ross

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