How to grow Potted: Zonal Geraniums

Potted: Zonal Geraniums

Perennial upright geraniums (which are correctly called pelargoniums) are easy to grow and offer bright, colourful blooms over a long period.

Selecta Katinka. Photo -



Look out for the Selecta range of zonal geraniums: we love ‘Emotion’ for its rich cerise colour and large flower heads. Geraniums love the sun, and are best grown in pots to ensure they good drainage they require. As they grow, tip prune regularly to keep the plants bushy, and water in dry times. Regular feeding with a fertiliser high in potassium, such as Phostrogen, will ensure great flowers. Zonal geraniums are easily grown from cuttings, using a hormone gel or powder. Autumn is the best time for cuttings, but they will strike all year.



Caterpillars that eat holes in leaves and flower buds, and fungal diseases causing spotty leaves, can affect your geraniums, especially in humid coastal areas. A spray such as Yates Rose Gun will treat both problems.

Text: Libby Cameron

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