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​Showy Honey Myrtle

Photo - Linda Ross

Showy honey myrtle (Melaleuca nesophila)

The contrast of the pinkish/purple flower heads, the deep green shiny foliage and the light-coloured, almost-smooth paperbark makes this an excellent feature for the bush garden. The beautiful flowers are borne on branch tips and are about 3cm in diameter. Melaleuca nesophila is a large shrub /small tree from Western Australia which can get to 4m by 4m, but which looks best when trimmed to be tree-like. The lower branches can be ‘crown lifted’, which means they are removed to leave a small trunk. Mauve flowers in large clusters appear in late spring and through the summer. This plant is spectacular when in flower but attractive all year round. It is very hardy in most soils (both wet and well-drained) and most aspects and is frost-hardy to about -7C. All of which makes it perfect as a fast-growing screen or feature plant.


Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross