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How to: make sweet chilli jam

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Every year I team up with my father-in-law for our Chilli Jam Day.


We turn six kilograms of chilli into 25 jars of delicious ruby-red sticky jam. Yum! 

An easy way to transform your home-grown chilli surplus into delicious and spicy relish that turns even everyday snags into gourmet treats. Or just buy a box in summer-autumn from your local markets. 


What you need

1kg Thai long red chilli

16 cloves of garlic

7 cup cold water

4 cup sugar

4 teasoon salt (I usually half this)

4 tablespoon white vinegar


What to do

Deseed chillies by splitting them down the centre along their length and scraping out the white pith and all the seeds with the back of the knife. Wear disposable latex or dishwashing gloves to do this job to protect your hands from chilli juice – and remember not to rub your eyes before you've washed your hands really well! I wear 3 pairs of latex gloves to be sure.

Roughly chop chilli and garlic. Place all ingredients into a large soup pot. Bring ingredients to boil. Stir gently and simmer until the liquid has evaporated and it starts to look thick and sticky like jam. (This may take about an hour). Blend till smooth. Bottle into sterilised jam jars. Label.



Text: Linda Ross

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