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Meet: Graeme Parr: wisteria expert

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Oh hello big dose of flower envy. We'd do any thing for wisteria! Graeme has been growing wisteria for the nursery trade for 20 years. Here he shares his top tips for growing great flowering wisteria. 

- Grow wisteria in full sun

- A strict pruning regime is essential once wisteria is mature. The main prune is done in late spring after the main flush of growth. Prune all the young growing branches back to the first 2 -3 buds. Leave the spur wood (little short flowering branches, normally 5 - 8 cm long). A minor prune should be done in late summer after the next growth flush, and another in winter to prune out the autumn growth flush and shape the plant. With this pruning regime you will get a magnificent spring flowering not hidden by any leaves.

- Water is essential, especially after flowering while the plant is making its new growth. At this critical stage wisteria is setting next year’s flowers, which will sit quietly in bud until next spring.

- For potted wisteria in tubs, the same pruning rules apply. You must be even more diligent about watering potted wisteria for the entire growing season. Never let it want for water. If you do the flowering will be diminished.

- Overfeeding wisteria will reward you with leaves and no flowers.


Nooroo Wisteria. Photo - Lorna Rose
Text: Sandra Ross

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