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6 Plants for Autumn

Mature trees, sharp hedges and a passion for roses shape the unfolding beauty of Mittagong's Red Cow Farm.

Here Ali Mentesh gives us 6 plants for autumn.



Cyclamen hederifolium

One of our favourite plants in the garden, flowering from February well into autumn and handling both dry and wet conditions as long as they have shade. The foliage is a stand-out all through winter, then they die down for summer.




Solidago flowers from summer into early autumn and is great in wilder parts of the garden, with grasses, and making a classic blue and yellow combination with agapanthus.



Rosa Frau Dagmar Haustrop

We grow this rugosa rose mainly for its lovely autumn hips, which I quite like to snack on as I’m passing. We don’t spray the roses, so it’s perfectly safe.



Rosa Madame Isaac Pereire

This old Bourbon rose with dark pink blooms and a deep fragrance is a repeat flowerer and we find the flower quality and colour is especially good in the cooler autumn months.




Boltonia asteroides

This tall perennial is a beautiful filler in the summer and autumn border, where its aster-like white flowers make billowing clouds of flowers that catch the light.




Hydrangea ‘Brussels Lace’

Hydrangea paniculata

Like all the paniculatas, the flowers start creamy white and this one develops hints of antique rose as it ages. The flower lasts into winter as it dries off, giving a very long effect in our border.