Blog 6 Steps for Spring Success

6 Steps for Spring Success

Ah spring. It feels like you take forever to get here, and in a blink you’re gone and soon enough the sweltering hot months of summer languish by. 

This year we’re not letting go of you that quickly. We’re treating our soil with lovely rich nutrients like a big delicious chocolate layer cake. This is the secret to a beautiful healthy garden.


This is what success could look like. Photo - Antonina Potapenko /  


You’ve heard the mantra? Feed the soil not the plants! This is how we do it.

1.  Pull last year’s mulch aside.

2. Spread blood and bone, one handful per square metre.


The rewards of a well fed soil. Photo - Elena Elisseeva /

3. Spread well-rotted aged cow manure to about 3-5cm think around exotics and natives.

4. Spread pelleted organic fertiliser like Organic life, a good handful per plant. Add potash around your flowering plants to boost flower-power. 

5. Wait until rain, this way you don’t have to water it all in with the hose.

6. Mulch over the top with 5-8cm sugarcane mulch, or any mulch you choose Lucerne, tea tree mulch, bush mulch, leaf litter…


Just a few more steps and you can take that well-earned rest. Photo - Antonina Potapenko / 

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Anonymous commented on 19 Sep 15

After a wonderful Garden Clinic class, "Jump into Spring" (thanks so much Sandra!!) and this article, I finally have a definite, clear guide how to improve my soil. It's like the clouds have parted and I can see the sun!
After a busy day in the garden, I feel so pleased that my plants have finally been given a great start for spring, without a truckload of chemicals!
Too exciting!!
Heartfelt thanks,
Barbara Maguire

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