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What is Cake and Cuttings Day?

A few years ago we wanted to get our gardening family together to talk about what we're growing, share secrets and exchange some of our favourite treasures from the garden.

It's turned into one of our most popular events, and it's free! For the uninitiated, here are some tips on what to expect from your first Cake and Cuttings day


1. How does it work?

This is a Garden Clinic community event to swap plants we have to spare. Sometimes they are potted up ready to go other times they're cuttings laid out on benches, perhaps wrapped in wet paper to keep them fresh for propagating later. Members simply roll up to the Garden Clinic HQ with a basket and get swapping.


2. What should I bring?

Linda is bringing 'Landscape Lilac' kangaroo paw from her coastal garden, a plant developed by our dear friend Angus Stewart. She's potted up plenty of Butterfly Bush, Gaura 'Rosy Jane' (pictured), which has a lovely pale flower with a pink edge.


'Rosy Jane'


Make sure you know what you've got. Identify your cuttings and please label your plants! It's important that we don't bring or propagate weeds.

We love succulent things like epiphyllum (Queen of the Night), geranium and pelagonium, brugmansia (angel's trumpet), and anything else easily propagated from cuttings in spring.


3. Do I need to bring cake too?

Well if you are a cake baker please bring a tempting cake for us to share while we have a chat. If you don't bake, bring more plant cuttings. Linda will be baking a chocolate and beetroot brownie to share this time.


4. Does it cost anything?

No it is a free event, and it's on top of your free included Garden Clinic Class each year. You don't even need to be a member, so bring a friend with you.

October is Mental Health month and we want to get together, chat and generally check in with one another.


5. How many people come?

We find about 50-100 people come to share in this event. You don't need to make a booking, and there's no limit.

We hope to see you there Saturday morning.