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Celebrating spring at Mayfield Garden

Little did we know, a world class private garden, always open to the public is just over the Mountains.

And this week Mayfield Garden is hosting it's Spring Fair. What better reason to go west this spring and see what all the fuss is about.

Images courtesy of Mayfield Garden


The temple atop the 80 metre long cascade.


Where is Mayfield Garden you say? It’s closer than you think. Mayfield Garden is near Oberon just over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Mayfield began to take shape in the mid-1990’s and today is one of the world’s largest privately owned cool climate gardens. Mayfield Garden extends across more than 160 acres (64H) and sits within a 5,000 acre working farm.


The sunken partarre from above.


It’s not just the sheer size of the garden that makes Mayfield remarkable. The features that seem to blend into the landscape, the numerous follies, the opulent 80-metre-long, and the intricately laid stonework of the Water Garden, to name just a few, are testament to the skill and commitment of the staff at Mayfield who constructed them.


Stonework bridge built by Mayfield staff.


Mayfield Garden Spring Festival 2016 is running this week and until the end of October, giving an opportunity to come and see the garden spanning over 160 acres, and including features not usually open to the public.

This spring beautiful new attractions are opening for the first time, including The Gallery, Valley of Five Ponds, Venus Vale, Mayfield Allee and the Grotto. If you have visited recently you may have seen some of these features under construction, and some have previously only been glimpsed from afar.


The mighty cascade from below. Photo - Robin Powell


The Private Garden has been designed to make the best of spring and autumn. So why not take a full day to wander the private family garden at leisure and enjoy this wonderful garden at its best.


The Pagoda.