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Early Flowery Spring

You might remember we planted spring flowering bulbs in pots around Mother’s Day; tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, ranunculus and anemones.

The first of these tulips and hyacinths are flowering!



We planted 10 of the same variety of tulip in each pot and overplanted with lobelia and alyssum to soften the effect. Some tulip varieties flower early, some mid-season and some late. We even multi-layered the large pots with a combination of three varieties of tulip that colour harmonise and flower together. With careful planning you will have tulips flowering all through spring.

These two pots of Tulip ‘Candy Apple Delight’ are flowering now; each contains 10 bulbs (pictured). This early flowering variety has a cherry red petal edged with white on long strong stems. It’s a winner because it lasts so well, just keeps on going. We have been watering all our bulbs with Thrive for Flowering Plants (Yates). It’s too late to plant tulips for this spring but make a note to buy them online from Van Diemens Quality Bulbs and plant them next May for spring 2021.


Tulip ‘Candy Apple Delight’


Freesias lift your mood

We have just picked our first bunch for the season; filling our home with their intoxicating fragrance (pictured). Nothing has given us more pleasure than these freesias that have been growing in our front garden for years, providing us with armfuls of incredible scented blooms for late winter and spring. This is life-enhancement as a bulb.


Cut freesias as the first flower on the stem opens to extend their vase life.


Hyacinth Heaven

Decorative containers of hyacinths will lift your spirits with their pervasive fragrance. We planted 20 pink hyacinths (Van Diemens Quality Bulbs) in a large shallow container and kept them cool and shaded to force the flower stem to elongate out of the bulb. The result speaks for itself.


Keep potted hyacinths in a dark shaded place to force the flower out of the bulb.


‘Yellowstone’ is a lemon coloured hyacinth, sweetly scented and pretty in its pot with thanks to Tim Drewitt of Drewitt’s Bulbs who sells lovely bulbs online.


Lemon ‘Yellowstone’ hyacinth