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Garden Radio Round Up May 6 - 7

We will be blessed with another glorious, sunny and warm autumn day in the garden this weekend.

Perfect timing - it's naked gardening weekend.

Log on to the Garden Clinic Facebook page and share in the fun. We'd love to see what you're planting this weekend, But remember - it's a family show so try not to scare anyone off. Garden Clinic Facebook


It's not rude to be nude in the garden today. Happy Naked Gardening Weekend!


It's Time To:

Admire Gordonia axillaris

Given the very apt common name fried egg plant, this large shrub is stunning in our gardens and streetscapes throughout autumn. Intriguingly the single white flowers with showy yellow centres always fall right side up!


Also known as Fried-Egg Flower, Gordonia axillaris is at its peak in early May.


In the sub-tropics

Admire Brazilian red cloak, Megaskepasma, a hardy shrub with broad luscious green leaves and spectacular spikes of crimson bracts and white flowers. Plant in a semi-shaded location and provide for a width of 2 to 3 metres.


Megaskepasma 'Viola Hamilton'. Photo - Arno King


Bush Garden

Agonis flexuosa ‘Pink Flamingo’, WA Pink Variegated Willow Myrtle

A striking and attractive small tree with pink tipped variegated weeping foliage on a tree that grows to 4-6m tall and 4-6m wide. The trunk is upright with multiple stems and weeping branchlets. A very attractive tree in well drained sandy or loamy soil. It will grow in full sun or semi-shade location.

The leaves have a distinct peppermint scent.

A perfect selection as a specimen tree planting, cloud pruned topiary, clipped informal or formal hedge, privacy screen, street tree, honey production or as a windbreak.

There’s another new form called Agonis ‘Burgundy’, with a similar habit but burgundy purple foliage.


Agonis flexuosa ‘Pink Flamingo’, WA Pink Variegated Willow Myrtle. Photo - Graham Ross



Pittosporum undulatum, Native Daphne

Pittosporum undulatum, Native Daphne or Sweet Pittosporum, is native to Eastern Australia but also considered invasive into bushland and disturbed soils.

Given its potential weedy habits it makes an excellent quick growing hedge if kept clipped.

Perfumed white flowers and ornamental large orange fruit have made the plant popular in gardens with difficult or poor soils.

The leaves are thick and glossy green with wavy (undulating) edges. They are 10cm long and 3-4cm wide. They often have a diseased look - clusters of brown blisters that appear to be scale. But it is caused by Pittosporum Leaf Miner insects.

Control is best achieved with regular spraying with Eco neem oil.


Pittosporum undulatum, Native Daphne or Sweet Pittosporum. Photo - Graham Ross


Weird and Wonderful

Roses are complex flowers

A Garden Clinic Radio listener, Margaret, has sent in this image of a rose growing out of a rose flower. It is perfectly natural, albeit unusual. But it does show just how genetically complex and unstable a flower can be.


Roses are complex flowers. Thanks for your photo, Margaret.


Come away with us

The Gardens of Italy

Renaissance and Baroque Italian gardens are extravagant exercises in philosophy, mythology, allegory, mathematics and glorious theatre. Put them alongside Italy’s gorgeous cities, art and gelato, add the unique camaraderie of a Ross tour, and you have an unforgettable experience.

Is Italy on your bucket list? Why not come with us on this spectacular tour. Seats are limited, so go to the Ross Tours website, or call Royce or Roslyn at Ross Tours on 1300 233 200 before the we sell out.


The gardens of Isola bela on Lake Maggiore, Italy are inhabited by white peacocks, as you can see in the bottom right of this image.


Garden News

BBN Horticultural travel scolarship won by Jack Hutchinson

The BBN Youth Support organisation are delighted to announce that the BBN Horticultural Travel Scholarship has been awarded to young horticulturist Jack Hutchinson from Honeysuckle Nursery at Mosman. Jack is leaving for the UK today.

We congratulate Jack at the beginning of this life-changing journey and we look forward to having him back on the show next year.