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Garden Radio Round Up September 10 - 11

It’s September and that means Open Garden season.

Why not get some inspiration and delight from open gardens in your area. Take a look on the web at Open Gardens South East Queensland, or My Open Garden in NSW for gardens near you.

And there is plenty to inspire you and to make the most of spring in your garden on the Garden Clinic this weekend, so lets get into it.


It’s time to

Put it in the diary, Bronte House Open Day

Sandra will be appearing at the long anticipated Spring Open Day at Bronte House, one of the grandest of Sydney’s garden treasures, on September 18, 2016.


Part of the incredible garden at Sydney's Bronte House, open on September 18. Photo - Robin Powell



Jasmine is a scented cascade of spring bubbles that disappears all too quickly. And foxglove spires are drop-dead gorgeous in dappled shade.


Time for a little short back and sides

Late-winter and early-spring flowering plants such as diosma, flowering quince and May bush (Spirea) should be pruned as soon as they’ve finished. Prune one-third of the passionfruit vine to suppress its size and allow it to fruit on this year’s growth


Pick a pretty posy of peas

Pick posies of sweet peas to scent the bedroom and keep the flowers coming. Pick weeds out as you see them and cover bare soil with mulch.


Reward those spring bulbs with a Feed

Liquid feed spring-flowering bulbs as they flower and again when they yellow-off to add energy for next year’s blooms. Feed roses every six weeks to increase the blooms, and to bolster the plant’s disease resistance.


Watch out! Bugs about

Be vigilant against the hungry hawk moth caterpillar, which finds clivia leaves delicious. Zap with Success.

Want more spring jobs? Check out It’s Time To: September on the Garden Clinic website.


Come away with us

Scotland & Wales

Scotland and Wales are full of remarkable gardens. This new tour includes public and private, grand and intimate, walled and wooded gardens in Northern England, Wales and Scotland. High summer brings exhuberant borders, a flourish of roses and spectacular weather for sightseeing


One of the remarkable gardens you will see on the Scotland and Wales tour 2017.


If you would like to know more about the Melbourne Cup tour, or to enquire about any of our tours contact Royce or Roslyn on 1300 233 200, email us at, or visit