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Happy Hippies!

We have been growing this exotic-looking bulb for three years.

Hippeastrum is also known as Amaryllis. We started with one and now we have approximately 10 bulbs in five clumps. It comes from the tropical forests of Brazil and grows easily in a frost-free climate.


Hippeastrum ‘Papilio’. Photo - Sandra Ross


The large white-green trumpet flowers have a spectacular burgundy striped pattern of veins and markings. Strong stems can carry up to five blooms! It needs a few years to establish before it really starts its flowering. We find it keeps its strappy leaves all year round, in our Sydney garden, but in cooler areas it will shed them.

Papilio needs protection from strong sunshine. They grow well in pots, good if you live in a cool climate where you can bring them indoors for winter. Plant the bulbs with their ‘shoulders’ above the ground.

Due to the popularity of this unusual variety, it’s hard to find. We found ours at Collector’s Plant Fair, Hawkesbury Race Club Sydney, 10 and 11 April 2021