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How to Make Magic Mix

At a Garden Clinic class held at Honeysuckle Nursery in Mosman we wondered aloud at all the plants bursting with health and vitality, with shiny, glossy leaves and so much energy they seemed about to leap off the shelves.

The answer is this Magic Mix, the recipe for which Honeysuckle Nursery has kindly shared and which we have been using on our garden ever since. It prevents pests and disease attack, strengthens the cell walls and feeds the plants. It really is magic!

Photo – Robin Powell

Step 1

You can’t just buy Magic Mix straight off the shelf, you need to combine the following ingredients and agitate to mix well. Scale up the amounts to suit your needs:

  • a litre of water

  • 5 ml Eco-aminogrow,

  • 3 ml Eco-oil

  • 2 ml Eco-neem

  • 1/4 teaspoon of Eco-seaweed

Photo – Robin Powell

Step 2

Spray onto the top and bottom leaves of every plant taking care to reach the interior leaves and stems. A whizz-bang sprayer is your good friend here.

Step 3

Repeat weekly, monthly or seasonally. It’s up to you. More often equals more benefits.

Photo – Robin Powell

What it does

Eco-aminogrow boosts plant health and feeds the plants through the leaves. Eco-seaweed provides a tonic to strengthen plant cell walls enabling plants to better withstand pests and diseases. Eco-oil smothers small-bodied insects like scale and aphids and provides a barrier to other insects. It also helps the mixed solution stick to the leaves. Eco-neem provides safe control of caterpillars and sucking insects.


Extra help

  • For severe infestations of scale or mealy bug increase the quantity of Eco-oil to 5ml per litre.

  • For powdery mildew or other fungal diseases swap the Eco-neem for Eco-fungicide.


After a whizz bang sprayer ?

We like the Swagman Sprayer, it’s rechargeable (no pumping), great quality, and comes in a 8 litre lightweight capacity. It is available as part of our current offer.