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In the Vegetable Patch

The energy of growing vegetables is palpable.

Our tomatoes are growing 4cm each day! They are netted now to protect them from fruit fly and each one has a length of pipe for deep watering.


Netted tomatoes each with irrigation pipe.


Beans are spouting and we are struggling to find space to plant zucchini and squash. Those last few cabbages will have to go!

Feed vegetables with a liquid fertiliser and seaweed solution every fortnight. This will keep them strong and maintain growth. They will look and taste fabulous!

Feed passionfruit with an organic fertiliser. We like Gyganic by Neutrog. Thin the stems to allow good sunlight to all parts of the plant.

Watch out: fruit fly are about. Lure and trap them now. If you can get your neighbours to do the same you will double the protection of the summer tomato bounty.

Learn how to protect against fruit fly here: