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In the Vegetable Patch: It’s time for another tee pee

Late September we planted our first tee pee with cucumbers, beans and a yellow cherry tomato called Honey Drop, in the centre.

As you can see from our photograph, they are growing well with the beans and cucumbers shading the tomato from scorching sunshine.


Assemble a tee pee to support climbing beans and cucumbers and a cherry tomato.

Now its time for the second tee pee trellis so our harvest will continue. Soil prep is essential for good growth and plentiful harvest.


Shade, shelter and soak

Hot summer sunshine can damage most vegetables. Set up some shade to protect your crop.

You can make shade structures from bamboo canes and shade cloth; wire cones and cotton pillowslips held in place with pegs; muslin wraps; or even a beach umbrella.

For more help to keep your vegetable garden powering through summer’s hot days see our story: Kitchen Garden Summer