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In the Vegetable Patch: Man the Barricades

As fruit and vegetables begin to ripen all sorts of vandals lay claim.

Ripening fruit can act as a beacon for birds and lizards in particular, so we put our minds to building protective barriers that let the sunshine in while keeping the rascals out!


Vegetable netted tomatoes


We are putting up cages and barriers to protect our vegetables and fruit.

Strawberries are ripening and act as a beacon for birds and lizards, so we have built a wire cage to allow the sunshine and yet protect the developing fruit.


Wire cage to protect developing strawberries


Fruit flies are about so we have covered our tomato plants with a vegetable net to protect developing tomatoes from attack. The net will also help with sun scorch in hot weather.

Brush turkeys can be very destructive. Once they find your patch they will keep coming back to dig and destroy your vegetables. We have put wire screens in place as a barrier.


Wire screens protect young tomato plants from Brush turkeys.