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In the Vegetable Patch: Time to sow beans

For 200 years, fresh beans have been the second most popular home-grown vegetable in Australian gardens (after tomatoes).

With low calories, lots of protein, fibre, and packed with vitamin C, A and K, beta-carotene, folate and potassium. But the best bit? There are varieties for every situation.


Read more about growing beans in our story by clicking on the image.


  • It’s good to keep the vegetables turning over in your patch. Plant another row of lettuce, rocket, baby spinach, silver-beet, flat-leaf parsley, fennel, spring onions, leek, onion, beetroot, carrot (from seed) and radish. Also time to plant sweetcorn, potato, sweet potato,tomato and zucchini.

  • Don’t forget strong scented herbs: chives, garlic, thyme and marjoram. These herbs will confuse and repel pests around your vegetables and fruit trees. Herbs will also attract beneficial insects.

  • Regularly water your vegetables with seaweed solution to strengthen plants and make them tough and more resistant to insects and disease.

  • Keep a careful watch on your strawberries. Remove yellow leaves and diseased fruit and feed with Gyganic (Neutrog).

  • Spray your fruit trees every two weeks with a horticultural oil such as Eco oil. When you add Eco Neem to this regular spray you will smother scale insects and control them along with Citrus Leaf Miner (on citrus trees). If there is a major scale problem, prune off really badly affected wood or use a scrubbing brush and soapy water to remove scale before spraying.