Blog Meet: The Garden Clinic Team

Meet: The Garden Clinic Team

Graham Ross leads our inspiring team to help you create the garden of your dreams. And let's face it - just getting our fingers into the earth - makes us feel immeasurably better. 

At home in the Ross family patch!

For us, gardens feed the soul , warm the heart and delight the eye. This is what we're about. We do dirty fingernails, muddy boots, infrequesnt vacuuming, seed sowing and posy picking. 

Graham Ross, Head Gardener, Founder of the Garden Clinic, 1983

With the boundless enthusiasm of a summer choko vine in full flight , Graham rarely rests. A gardener since the age of 4, Graham started sharing his know-how early on, and has never stopped. Whether he’s talking just to you, a garden club for 40, to 1.1 million viewers on Better Homes and Gardens TV, or his 250,000 loyal listeners on his radio show, it’s always the same Graham Ross; the same smile, the same RM’s boots and the same dependable advice. He’s pretty chuffed with his latest three international awards: his Veitch medal awarded to him by the Royal Horticultural Society, a Gold Laurel from the HMA and Golden Wattle Award from the AIH Australia institute of Horticulture. But hey, he's also chuffed that his family want to hang around! 

He collects blue bottles, loves a day by himself pottering with his transistor radio (listening to the Beatles) and drives just a little too fast! His favourite plant is the ginkgo. Favourite beverage: whisky, ice and milk (Yep, milk).

Keep in touch with him: On radio or every Saturday and Sunday. Instagram @grahamross_betterhomes and @gardenclinicclub. Facebook @The Garden Clinic


Linda Ross, Gardener, Teacher 

Linda is a Sydney based, landscape architect and horticulturist, who since graduating has never worked a day in a landscape architectural studio! Instead she crashed headlong into her family’s love of all things vaguely horticultural. She is the doyenne of garden and horticultural communications; enjoying broadcasting radio, making magazines and the social side for both Garden Clinic and Ross Tours. She regularly visits the world’s gardens, garden festivals and flower shows. She is a proud show garden judge at the Australian Garden Show Sydney and has written a number of books; her favourite being Frangipani.

Loyal kombi-driver and devoted mother of two sweet natured souls, she loves working with smiley-happy-people. She lives beside the sea with her blue cattle dog, ginger cat and two kids. She eats too fast, hates when her ginger nut biscuit mudslides into her cuppa tea, and is allergic to housekeeping. She describes her garden as Port Douglas meets Singapore Sling. Her favourite plant is frangipani. Favourite beverage: whatever's open.

Keep in touch with her: Instagram @linda_kirin_ross and @gardenclinicclub. Facebook: Linda Ross and The Garden Clinic. Email 


Sandra Ross, Horticulturist, Rose-lover and Teacher 

Sandra was a radiographer turned horticulturist turned garden lover. You will find her on the hotline, taking our tours and teaching our classes. She’s our brains trust and that’s how we like it. She lists her rose garden as her favourite place to be and roses (only the old-fashioned varieties) as her favourite flowers, perennials (to match the roses), and her grandchildren as her favourite things. Her favourite song is Barcelona by Freddie Mercury! Favourite beverage: Champagne or Hendricks gin, it’s a toss-up.


Robin Powell, Editor, Storyteller, Photographer

Robin was born to write. Her career now spans writing two columns for the Sydney Morning Herald and writing/editing/photographing for our gorgeous magazine. She is a collector of interesting people and a great teller of stories. We love her enthusiasm for those beautiful moments where people, culture, plants, food, art and design spark something special.

She has a stunning tropical Sydney garden which gives you that enviable feeling of being on holiday. Favourite beverage: sake. Read more from Robin at


Luisa Brimble, Creative, Photographer

Sydney based photographer, founder of Alphabet Journal and mother of two. Interesting fact: Luisa says ‘freakin!’ a lot when collaborating with us on our beautiful images. A fortuitous meeting with Linda at Glenmore House has cemented the look of this website and for that we are eternally grateful. Favourite beverage: bubbles.

Keep in touch with Luisa’s beautiful images on her website or on her to-die-for Instagram feed @luisabrimble


Mez Woodward, Helpline Horticulturist 

Mez completed her Diploma of Horticulture in Landscape Design (with Distinction) at Ryde College of TAFE. Her experience includes working as a nursery horticulturist, conducting landscape consultations and ‘house calls’ for The Garden Clinic. She thinks Australian native plants can be used so much better and believes Sydneysiders could go a long way to improve our front gardens and maximise the street appeal of our homes. She enjoys a prosecco and just can't live without Breynia nivosa rosea (Snow Bush). Members can chat with Mez on our Helpline. 

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The Garden Clinic team commented on 16 Jul 15

Hi Lee, and thanks for your question.

Yes, I can confirm that soapy water under reasonable pressure gets rid of black stems, and is a good preparation for the application of Eco-oil. I can also confirm that Eco-oil and Eco-fungicide can be mixed together. In fact Eco-oil makes Eco-fungicide more effective by making it stick, smothering the fungal spores. It's an effective treatment for most black fungi, such as black sooty mold, black spot, even powdery mildew and downy mildew can be treated using the same method.
Of course, as a member of the Garden Clinic remember that you have access to our horticultural advisory service 7 days a week. You can call the hotline between the hours of 10am and 2pm on 1300 133 100, or send an email to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best regards,
The Garden Clinic team

Lee Spackman commented on 12 Jul 15

Hello there, can you tell me if I have the following correct:

. To treat the black stems on citrus, lasiandera and bottlebrush etc use soapy water followed by high-pressure hose, then spray with Eco-oil.
. To treat mealy bug in the garden, sprinkle with BugKilla then water in.

Graeme also mentioned on the radio that I can mix Eco-oil and Eco-fungicide together to treat some black fungi. Which are these?

Anonymous commented on 29 Jun 15

Jenny, after your 60% prune you will need to spray the pruned rose bush with lime sulfur to disinfect any pests and diseases overwintering in the branches and stems of the plant. 6 weeks later feed with a pelleted rose food like Sudden Impact. Kind regards, The Garden Clinic

Jenny commented on 27 Jun 15

Graham was on 2GB today and he spoke to a lady about pruning roses and the treatment that was necessary once you have completed the pruning could you please send me the details and I have never grown roses before and the information he gave to the lady sounds just what I need
Many thanks Jenny

Dorothy Fulton commented on 14 Jun 15

Love the new website. Congratulations!

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