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In the garden: January


Feed passionfruit with a complete fertiliser, like one formulated for citrus trees. Tie excessive summer growth to the trellis or remove, if desired.

Summer prune roses by trimming around half the growth and removing spent blooms. Give them a feed, top up with organic mulch, and water deeply. Continue your monthly health spray for roses: Mix together 4 Tbsp eco-oil, 4 Tbsp eco-fungicide, 1 tsp eco-seaweed and 3 Tbsp eco-aminogro, then add this mixture to 10 litres of water and pour into a sprayer. Spray early morning before the hot sun.

Dahlias are in full bloom. Pick flowers regularly to promote more blooms. Water with a seaweed solution once a week. Take care not to overwater as the tubers as susceptible to rot.

Love the look of crepe myrtle? Now is the best time to choose one, when you can check the flower colour. For a compact form, check out the ‘Indian Summer’ series by Flemings.

Cucumbers with runners, but no fruit? Trim or pinch the ends to encourage branching and subsequent fruiting.

Liquid feed summer vegies weekly or fortnightly to help boost growth, and harvest regularly so they’ll produce more crops.

Tackle the weeds, especially fleshy perennial or woody weeds. Early morning is best before the heat. Organic weed control is the safe easy way (Slasher, Weed Blitz); repeat applications may be required. Invasive weeds, like tradescantia, should be bagged before disposal because it will shoot from offcuts. Try to mulch as you go to help reduce weed regrowth.