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In the garden: October


  • To keep hedges like lilly pilly, photinia, buxus, and viburnum dense, trim the new growth regularly and follow up with a complete organic fertiliser. It’s also a good time to check for white wax scale – a common pest on lilly pillies – and treat with horticultural oil, if sighted.

  • Use an unsightly fence to your advantage by training jasmine, banksia, rose or passionfruit over it.

  • Take your compost game to the next level with a Bokashi bin. Keep it indoors and add all your kitchen scraps, including meat and dairy. Once it has completely fermented, add it straight to your compost bin or dig a hole and bury the contents.

  • Sow a variety of sunflowers around the vegie patch. There are the classic golden-yellow forms, or you may like to try the bronze-kissed varieties, like ‘Royal Velvet F1’, ‘Solar Flash F1’, and ‘Golden Prominence’.

  • Keep an eye out for the dreaded bronze orange bug, aka stink bug. Control them with Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray, but remember to keep your distance and wear protective clothing and eyewear – they spray a defensive caustic liquid when threatened.

  • Running out of space to grow crops? Sandra’s got some clever ideas on how to maximise your growing space, See page 49 of our Spring 21 Magazine.

  • Like it hot? There are so many chilli varieties that are now available in nurseries as seedlings. Haberno packs a punch, but if you really want to turn up the heat, look for ‘Carolina Reaper’ or ‘Oz Brain Killer’. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!